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Unblended – Development Lot

From our friends at Unblended in Colombia. Their program centers on training young coffee producers in the region, where increasingly fewer young people are learning to grow coffee. This lot is the result of these young farmers experimenting with fermentation. This coffee is a full bodied natural process with notes of cacao and fresh berries. […]

Kinini Village

Natural Process. African Coffee From the Rulinda District in Rwanda. This natural process has bright notes of apple, toffee, kumquat, and brown sugar. It has a rich body and a clean acidity that makes it a perfect coffee for the summer.

Finca Agua Fria

Direct Trade. Single Origin. Washed Process. Discover the exquisite taste of our new single origin coffee from Honduras, sourced directly Finca Agua Fria. This marks the begining of a new direct trade relationship with Finca Terrerito, a farm in Honduras. This washed process coffee features vibrant notes of ripe fruits, deep black cherry sweetness, and […]


Laboyano is a fully traceable washed coffee from the Laboyo River region of Pitalito, Colombia. This lot was constructed in part by our importing partners at The Coffee Quest as well as The Bean Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting producers at the farm level. We love this coffee’s intense honey and caramel sweetness […]

Mogiana Gold

From Brazil and produced by the Cocapil Cooperative. This lot has incredibly smooth notes of dark chocolate, honey and stone fruit. It’s a delicious and easygoing cup of coffee. It’s our most affordable offering, and it’s a high quality cup of coffee.

Captzin Huehuetenango

From Guatemala, sourced from the forests of Huehuetenango. Coffee cherries in this cool climate have long maturation cycles, which produce dense and sugary seeds. Beloved for their perennial consistency, shelf-life, balance, and playful acidity, Huehue lots hit the spot.

Sebastian Ramirez – Peach 8oz

This coffee is produced using a co-fermentation process that involves wine yeast, dehydrated fruit, and fruit glucose, resulting in a distinct and strong peach flavor profile. Perfect as a hot cup of coffee or a refreshing cup brewed over ice. You do not want to miss this bold new fermented coffee.

Aprocassi Cooperative

Notes of lemon, cherry syrup, and apricot. This cooperative develops social and environmental projects to improve the living conditions of our producers and maintain environmental sustainability. One of their initiatives includes empowering women coffee growers to implement beekeeping to diversify their farms and increase yields. They have also piloted a study to analyze the life cycle […]

AeroPress Bundle

Get a brand new AeroPress or AeroPress Go plus a bag of Laboyano, one of our top selling single origins… for only $50. It’s the perfect bundle to warm up for the winter season.

Finca Bruhwer

Finca La Bruhwer is a naturally processed single producer lot from Karla García, CEO of Bruhwer Coffee, a prolific producer group based out of Loja, Ecuador. We absolutely love this coffee’s unique and stunning winey profile with big berry sweetness and tart cherry acidity. Origin: Loja, Ecuador Producer: Karla García, Bruhwer Coffee Varietal: Typica Process: Natural […]