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Nano Challa

Nano Challa is a wonderful, certified organic, washed coffee from the region of Genjii Challa Kebele, Ethiopia. We love this fully traceable lot for it’s lemon acidity, juicy peach sweetness and chocolatey body. This coffee makes for a vibrant and fruity espresso as well as a sweet and balanced filter brew. Origin: Genjii Challa Kebele, […]


Laboyano is a fully traceable washed coffee from the Laboyo River region of Pitalito, Colombia. This lot was constructed in part by our importing partners at The Coffee Quest as well as The Bean Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting producers at the farm level. We love this coffee’s intense honey and caramel sweetness […]

Ongoing Coffee Subscription

Never run out of coffee again. With our Solid State Subscription, we’ll deliver your coffee, on your schedule, and you don’t have to think about it again. Choose your own frequency. Change or cancel anytime. Drink amazing coffee. **Due to our rotating menu of products, subscriptions are only available as a Roaster’s Choice product. We […]

DECAF Magia del Campo

You’re a coffee person, but caffeine keeps you up all night, right? You’re not alone! This Decaf single-origin we offer might be perfect for you. Through our friends at Bellwether Coffee, we source this coffee from ASOPEP, the largest cooperative in Tolima, Colombia. ASOPEP was founded in 2013 but has become a leader in the region. They […]

Finca El Jutal

This coffee from Belen Gualcho, Ocotepeque, Honduras was grown in Finca El Jutal. The farm is run by Salvador Santos Martinez, who has been producing for over 21 years. This incredible coffee is giving us a light florality and a creamy body, with notes of berry cobbler and lemon custard. It shines on pour over or however you […]

Ndimaini PB

Washed Kenya Peaberry. That’s it. That’s the description… Just kidding, but really; Kenya PB coffees stun us year after year and Ndimaini is no different. With big bright citrus and round vanilla sweetness, this coffee is satisfying with a capital S and shines hot, cold, strong, light, filter, espresso, etc. 

Hamasho (Natural)

This fun and satisfying coffee comes to us from a group of tireless producers high up in the beautiful Bombe mountain region of Sidama, Ethiopia. With the help of the Daye Bensa Outgrowers Group, these producers bring their best crop to the Hamasho washing station to be blended and sorted. This particular lot is Grade 1 […]

Edson Tamekuni

This classic, clean coffee comes to us from acclaimed producer Edson Tamekuni and his team at Fazenda Vargem Grande in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Their dedication and skill brings us some of the most consistently tasty and satisfying crop in all of Brazil. This coffee in particular brings us deep toasted almond notes while maintaining a […]