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Ana Sora Wush Wush (8oz)

Who’s the producer? This coffee comes from the Ana Sora Washing Station, a village in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. This station is owned by the entrepreneur Israel Degfa, who has become a predominant coffee producer in Ethiopia. He established Ke.. See more +

.. rchanshe Trading in 2015, which now owns 46 washing stations, with hundreds of employees at each station. Degfa was raised by coffee farmers and spent much of his childhood on his parents’ small coffee farm and orange farm. After going to an English-speaking High School and attending university abroad, he returned to his home country with a more global perspective of the coffee world. He became a coffee producer and his entrepreneurial attitude led to forming Kerchanshe and its rapid growth. Business Practices A significant part of Degfa’s business approach is investing in his farmers. Most of Ethiopia’s lots produce very low quantities and are run by smallholder farmers. Degfa invests in the farmers he works with by providing both education and financial assistance. In fact, during a recent farmer protest in Ethiopia, Degfa’s washing stations remained untouched. Degfa also invests in agricultural advancements. He recently installed an irrigation system based on a new Israeli technique. He also experiments with new processes every year, including the anaerobic process we know so well. In addition to this, he researches new varietals to combat climate change. His company also reinvests 10% of their profits to building new schools and providing clean water in their local communities. The Bean Wush Wush is the new kid on the block. It’s a rare variety that was first discovered in Ethiopia and has grown in popularity in the specialty coffee world. It’s reputation as the expensive, high quality variety now rivals Geisha. It is known for its explosive, fruity flavor notes. The beans are small and dense, meaning the sugars develop later in the roast. Their reaction in the roaster can be highly volatile in first crack, which requires an extra level of care to achieve consistency. For this specific bean, the cherries were carefully selected for both ripeness and sugar content. After sifting through all foreign matter, leaves, underripe, and overripe cherries, the batch was fermented in a dry and cold environment for 110 hours. After fermentation, the whole cherry is dried for 10-15 days, making it a natural process. See less -